Witcher 3: How to Defeat the Golem in Wandering in the Dark

As you make your way through the dark tunnels with Keira Metz, you will come across a golem which blocks the path between you and your eventual fight with Nithral. While the golem isn’t the official end boss of this particular mission, it is a challenging opponent that will take some special care to dispatch of.


The name of the game here is to stay out of reach of the golem and work your way behind it as much as possible. Dodge its running attack and strike at every chance you get while the golem’s back is turned. This will give you critical hits and greatly increase the amount of damage you do with each swing.

Keira Metz will aid you by distracting the golem with her spells, occasionally stunning it so you can land 2-3 strong blows with your sword. The golem raises its arm before a big swing, and will strike you if you don’t dodge out of the way.

Your signs are not of particular use here, however Quen will give you a little extra protection from its swing when you go in after it charges into a wall.

If you have these available to you at this stage, Dimeritium Bombs and Elementa Oil are effective against the golem. You may also want to use a Thunderbolt potion to get more damage out of your swings.


Enemy: Golem
Weaknesses: Dimeritium Bombs, Elementa Oil, Strikes to the Back
Beware of: Wide Swings, Charging Attack