Witcher 3: How to Beat the Shrieker in Shrieker Contract

The shrieker is a particularly wicked foe you face early on in the game through a witcher contract. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to avoid its vicious offense and kill it without even drawing your sword.

The Setup

Once you have accepted the contract and spoken with the contract issuer, you have two objectives in front of you. The first is to interview the witness, a boy that recently lost his father to this terrible shrieker menace! During the interview, it is made clear that the animal you are facing up against is a cockatrice. For whatever reason, the nickname given to it, “Shrieker,” is maintained in the bestiary as well as throughout the contract.

You will then need to track down the shrieker using your awesome detective skills, but be mindful that you will be facing it at the end of the trail.

Preparations for Battle

Recommended Items:
* Serum (grenade)
* Grapeshot (grenade)
* Dancing Star (grenade)
* Tawny Owl (potion)
* Draconid Oil (oil)

You will need to toss a grenade at the platform the shrieker is hiding in. I recommend not using one of your offensive grenades. Instead, a serum grenade will suffice. Toss it up there and the shrieker will hightail it out of the cave and towards a nearby field.

You will need to chase it down, but this is thankfully a short trip as the shrieker circles overhead a quick jog away.

Eliminating the Monster


The bestiary recommends using the Aard sign. Don’t do this. It will momentarily stun the beast, but its attack is quick enough that you will quickly regret it. Instead, fire up the Igni sign as it works wonders on the highly flammable beast.

If you have leveled up this sign to the point where you can stream fire at it, all the better. Fire will stop the shrieker in its tracks, even as it is lunging at you. Toss the grapeshot and dancing star grenades from a distance, dodging flyovers and avoiding its landing. The shrieker will hover a bit right before a hard landing, attempting to crush you. Roll out of its way when it does this and you will be fine.

As the shrieker approaches, fire off Igni. The Tawny Oil potion will recharge your Igni sign faster, giving you the opportunity to hit it a few times without ever having to swing your sword.

Speaking of which, you shouldn’t have any problem dispatching the beast with just the sign and grenades, but if you do, remember to avoid its backswing. It will cause you to bleed for 10 seconds. The best way to fight the shrieker is by rolling away from it and keeping out of its reach.