Her Story isn’t your typical game. In fact, it’s about as avant-garde as any game you’ll find. It’s a mystery story with tons of plot twists and subtle nuances that plays more like a movie than it does a game. What makes Her Story so unique, is that you direct every scene of that movie through your own investigative work.

Her Story gives players access to a police database of archived video footage that covers seven interviews from 1994 featuring a British woman responding to questions surrounding the case of her missing husband.

The interface for the game is an old computer running an operating system very similar to very early Windows or OS/2. There is really just one character throughout the majority of the game, and her presence is captured in full motion video.

To make things interesting, the clips you sort through aren’t sorted by date or time, nor are they categorized. You have to search for them using keywords present in the dialogue of the woman. Each clip gives you very subtle clues about what the following clip would contain.

Her Story reminds me of the 1991 Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective game.

Graphically, Her Story is not beautiful, but this is the intention. It’s an old terminal that gives you access to old, blurry archived footage of a woman speaking in an echo-filled room about her missing husband.

You have the ability to get rid of the dirty computer screen overlay so everything looks a bit more clear, but that’s really all you can do to change the way things look.

The story itself is outstanding. Through your Google-like methods of investigation, you will uncover an incredible tale. Acting is not only superb, but the actress, Viva Seifert, received both the Best Performance and Best Narrative awards at the 2015 Game Awards.

Is it worth the $5.99 cost of admission? Absolutely. You won’t be fighting zombies or wrecking your rocket car in Her Story, but you will experience a classic mystery set in an unusual environment.


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