Boogie2988 Wins ‘Trending Gamer’ at The Game Awards 2016

Boogie2988, a popular and recognizable figure on YouTube, has received the Trending Gamer award at The Game Awards 2016. This award, which is voted on by a worldwide gaming audience, is a testament to his large and loyal audience of viewers.

Boogie has been producing online content that relates to the gaming community for about a decade. His work includes parodies, comedy, news, and discussion about important social issues. He isn’t a professional gamer with tournament wins and sponsors or a live caster that calls the action in esports. He’s simply a gaming everyman.

His YouTube channels are a variety show that covers a wide range of topics and interest points. He tackles gaming news in a weekly segment, produces rage comedy through a rambunctious character named Francis, and builds a personal rapport with his audience through often deep rambling videos.

He even has a dedicated gaming channel in which he plays games and unboxes collectible cards from series like Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon.

Through these channels, Boogie2988’s message is one that stands behind the gamer. He went toe-to-toe with Sony and Microsoft over decisions that affected their respective gaming consoles that hindered the gamer’s ability to get the most out of their experiences. He is an active advocate for cautious buying and fair reviews.

On a more serious note: He speaks out regularly about issues that affect the gaming community, such as obesity and depression.

“Physically there’s not a lot I can do in this world,” Boogie said in his short acceptance speech. “The game creators have created worlds I can explore, worlds that I can accomplish, worlds that I can be a hero in.”

Boogie2988 produces new content almost every day on his main and gaming YouTube channels, Twitch, and beyond.

What’s the secret behind his success? Is it his good looks? His personalities? His excellent comedic timing?

He’s a relatable character that gamers turn to for a dose of honest truth. His integrity, an unfortunately rare sight in new media, is a refreshing change from the norm. Whether he’s destroying an Xbox while in his juvenile Francis character, speaking from a southern perspective as Jesse, or rambling about life and love as himself, Boogie2988 is anything but your average online personality.